When installing your Seeing Stars Training system, the Base Station should be securely fixed to a stable vertical surface. Base Stations are provided with fixings suitable for mounting directly to a plywood surface. If you are choosing to mount the Base Stations to an alternative surface you will require additional fixings, such as longer screws and wall plugs.

If more fixings are required, we recommend mounting a plywood Packer Plate, which may be fixed with additional fixings to ensure that you have a secure installation

The Base Stations should be mounted to a surface no more than 5 degrees off vertical. 

If you do not have a suitable vertical surface to mount the Base Station, have a look at our Mounting Systems. One of these may just suit your needs.

install-guide-direct.jpg install-guide-packer.jpg


The Seeing Stars Training System is manufactured from natural wood products and has been designed predominantly for indoor use.