Mounting Systems

Our Seeing Stars Training System Base Stations have been designed to be mounted onto a sturdy vertical structure, such as above a doorway, on a beam or in a training area.

Not everyone has an available area and this is where the Mounting Systems come into their own. We have the Air Lock 2020 which is a door frame mounting system (there are specific requirements of your frame for this to suit - please check the product details). Alternatively we have our Portals, These are a wooden frame structure which is suitable for indoor use.

We have two Portal sizes:
Gym Portal: The large one is suitable for stacking up to 2 x Base Station 10 above one another on to each side.
Home Portal: The smaller version can have up to one Base Station 10 fitted on to each side. 

air-lock-2020-front-base-station-10-fitted-1.jpg portal-frame-structiure-seeing-stars-training-system-sad-alien-climbing.jpg

Note: Images show the Airlock 2020 and both Portals, fitted with Base Stations, Portal Pads and the Home Portal is Fitted with a Portal Foot -these options can be purchased.


Click here for assembly Instructions for Gym Portal

Click here for assembly Instructions for Home Portal

Click here for assembly Instructions for Portal Foot