Throughout the development of the Seeing Stars Training System we did a large amount of product testing. These tests included endurance testing of the interface between the Base Stations and the Modules and maximum loading tests of the modules. Whilst we give a maximum loading weight of a Module to be no more than 125kg, this gives a safety margin and is also based on the module being loaded repetitively to this load over a long period of time.

There are no international product standards for product like ours, so we have gone a stage further and tested the Portals, Base Stations and Modules in-line with the International Standards for Artificial Climbing Structures.

insertion-testing.jpg load-testing-1.jpg load-testing-2.jpg

Climbing Centre BETA Testing

As part of our product development process we installed a Base Station 10, along with a small number of Modules, into 5 climbing centres located across the UK. We gathered feedback from a survey form that we had made available and also had a number of direct messages via social media.
After 4 weeks, we removed the units and put them through destruction tests to identify if there were any changes from the initial development tests and we are delighted with the very positive results.

Thank you to all those who took part in the BETA testing, especially those centres that provided us the space.