Seeing Stars Training System - NOW AVAILABLE with KONG CLIMBING Ltd

Our Modular Board; a training product which fills the gap between a System Board and a Hangboard.

Watch our Introduction video (above)

module-position-example-flat-wide.jpg module-position-example-inward-medium.jpg module-position-example-outward-narrow.jpg

module-position-example-offset-inward-narrow.jpg module-position-example-offset-outward-medium.jpg module-position-example-offset-level-wide.jpg

Our Seeing Stars Training System is a Modular Board which has been designed to provide you the opportunity to train your shoulders, back and core in a similar way to using a System Board and not able to when training on a traditional hangboard or fingerboard. However, if you want to dead hang train on horizontal edges, it can be used for this too.

Seeing Stars Training System has been developed as a modular training system which can be small enough to fit over your doorway or extended to fill an entire training wall. The Base Stations are mounted to a vertical face and the Modules positioned to suit the climber’s training program.

We have created Launch Kits which are a great way to get started with Seeing Stars Training System. These kits include one Base Station, a Disc Jockey Module pair and a Slot Module pair, both in your choice of depth.

The images above demonstrate how you can change the width of the hand position while retaining the style of hand grip. Modules can be rotated to enable unique training positions, giving the opportunity for focused shoulder and core training programs. 

In these images the same Slot Module is being used in different orientations and locations in the Base Station. Nearly all of our Modules can be changed in orientation so you will get an alternative angle or edge.