Base Stations

Base Stations are modular.  They can be mounted vertically, horizontally or at 45°. They must be securely mounted to a vertical wall or structure using suitable fixings.
You can mount them individually, stack them or make your own version of TETRIS. If you want to create some alternative board depths, have a look at our Packer Plates.

Once you have selected your Base Station you need to choose which Modules you require. Alternatively you may want to start off with a Launch Kit.

The Base Stations are supplied with screw fixings suitable for fixing to a wooden mounting board. 

Even though we think the Base Stations look really nice, if you want to make it really discreet you can fit one of our Cover Plates which you can decorate as you desire.

If you do not have a suitable vertical surface to mount the Base Station, have a look at our free standing Portals. These may just suit your needs.

For a video explanation of the Base Stations click Here

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