Brian 1st Birthday!

Brian 1st Birthday!

Back in June 2018 we designed and manufactured a sample unit of a mounting plate. It had a variety of straight and curved slots, and when we sent an image of it to a member of our design team, the flippant comment that came back was ‘It looks like a Sad Alien!’

A few months later we had a viable product and we needed a company name. We came up with many suggestions, but despite them all, we just kept coming back to Sad Alien Climbing. It just stood out as the only name that we all loved.

We also needed a logo. The original sad alien was a little too grumpy and not terribly friendly. So, the principle of the original concept was used and, after a few tweaks here and there, the Sad Alien face was created. That day was 22nd September 2018.

It didn’t feel right referring to the alien face as ‘The Alien Face’ so we gave him a name.


And in that moment, he also gained character.

He is our logo, mascot and downright cool dude and he reflects our business ethic – Unique, Simple and cares about our blue planet.

Happy Birthday Brian!