CAC Supporting Products

CAC Supporting Products

Something that has always struck me about the climbing community is the openness and generosity of its members, and it is very important to us at Sad Alien Climbing to reflect this nature in our products.

In this spirit, we are proud to announce that we will be partnering with Climbers Against Cancer to produce a special edition version of our Base Station 10, the purchase of which will include a donation to the charity. The product will cost £5 more than the regular module, but will ensure a £15 donation is given.

Climbers Against Cancer is a charity which aim to increase awareness and raise funds for research in the continued fight against a disease that affects so many. Climbers Against Cancer is a none profit organisation, with all proceeds donated directly to cancer research facilities throughout the world.

In addition to the product sale, we as a company will be committing an annual amount to the charity is order to help them continue their good work.

We are proud to be a part of such a generous community of climbers, and are grateful for anyone who buys a charity base station or donates to CAC at CAC Page